Good People, Bad Choices features nine dramatized video vignettes based on true events that depict a variety of ethical dilemmas or acts of ethical misconduct common in the workplace. The narrative is provided by two former executives and a graduate student who explore the different aspects of ethics, choices and personal accountability. This dramatic guide to ethical decision-making provides an excellent vehicle for discussion based training that includes such topics as confidential information, gift giving, financial accountability, copyright infringement and more.

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Video-based training to help improve performance, profitability, and personal effectiveness

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Sexual Harassment
Change Management
Meeting Openers
Employee Retention
Robert Cooper Ph.D.
Priorities for Life
Work/Life Issues
Productivity Improvement
Employee Growth
Stress Management
It’s Not Enough to Know Better
Good People, Bad Choices
What Matters Most in Life

It’s Not Enough to Know Better is a video-based training for employees and managers designed to help any organization reinforce its message that sexual harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This three-part video/DVD series includes an employee version, manager version, along with a short meeting opener, You Need To Know...Sexual Harassment is illegal - 2nd edition.


Start or end each of your meetings with one of these powerful, yet short programs from Robert K. Cooper. Priorities For Life: Leadership, Priorities, Change, Capacity & Energy, Excelling, Reaching the Next Level and Beyond

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